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Hands down the absolute best dental experience I have ever had. The staff here are clearly very passionate about their work. They really do care to take the time, and go above and beyond to do quality dental maintenance and repairs.


I love taking the best care of my teeth. Having said that, I truly dislike anything having to do with issues that may need fixing with my teeth as I age. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Anderson and his practice. I have, and will, follow him wherever his practice may take him. They put me at ease and the quality and professionalism of care I've received has been absolutely the best.


A wonderfully quick and painless experience. Dr. Anderson and his crew are professional, friendly, and extremely helpful folks. Had a great time talking with the doctor and the hygienist as well. Plus they accept Apple Health!


Dr Anderson is the true definition of a professional. His personality is very welcoming. Your comfort is at the top of his priority list! He will take the time to make sure you understand everything you need to know before you leave his office. Not to mention his assistant and front office staff are also welcoming and friendly. Out of my 37 years of going to the dentist this is by far the best dentist office I've been to!


Dr. Anderson has been wonderful. I had a major toothache and couldn't find a dentist who would see me on short notice. That is until I called Dr. Anderson, he got me in the very next morning. I needed a root canal and he was able to schedule that for me shortly after my first appointment but provided me with antibiotics to help with the infection and pain. I have had traumatic experiences with dentist in the past, even one who broke my front teeth. Dr. Anderson is gentle and genuinely seems to care about my comfort level. His staff is welcoming and friendly, his assistant does a great job as well. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family!


Fantastic, calming, friendly, truly amazing care.... I can’t say enough good stuff about Dr. Anderson and his staff. If you are at all skiddish about dental work I recommend this beautiful tranquil office. Every room has large floor to ceiling windows and skylights to help distract you. When I arrived they offered me a soft blanket and a neck pillow. They even offered to add the lead vest for extra weight knowing it might add extra security for some people (I love weighted blankets and jumped at the offer.)

The doctor is truly welcoming and knows his stuff. His staff are all wonderful at keeping your mind occupied while doing their jobs. My two hour appointment went by in the blink of an eye; I didn’t have time to panic or be upset. The worst part was my own mind winding me up about having to actually go in the first place! The doctor hummed, chit chatted charming stories about his sons birthday, and reassured me that I was doing so well/my teeth were looking great. His amazing bed side manner was incredibly comforting and I felt like a partner in my own care. I never felt judged for having let my dental care slack or pressured to buy any expensive extras/add ons.

I am not one to leave reviews. I am for these wonderful people because I have a HUGE dental fear and every person I’ve encountered has held my hand (literally and figuratively) so I can have that healthy beautiful smile to face the world again.

I am so pleased with the care I received. You have a loyal patient for life!
Thank you, Dr. Anderson and staff!


Best experience ever! My family and I will be patients for life.


i love this place because my dad works here



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